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Adult websites & escort sites are full of viruses, trojans, and malware!
These are things that can ruin your computer,
cost you $1000's, and even land you in jail!

HelpTalk.net was designed to offer indepenent advice and reviews on topics related to computer support, adult websites, , and local escorts and escort services. Though many people do not think and adult websites it's very important to realize that there are a lot of malacious codes, viruses, and scams related to adult websites. We setup this page to offer you help and solutions to maintain a healthy computer and safe surfing habbits as well as providing independent reviews on some of the most popular computer support, adult sites and escort reviews sites on the net.

Every site on this page has been 100% independently reviewed and verified by us. When you signup to any website know that your credit card information and personal information can easily be stolen. These sites below have been verified by independent websites as being 100% secure and totally safe.

If you are going to buy a membership to any website on the net, make sure we have verified the site first. The last thing you would want to happen is for you to fall victim of identify theft, or even worse...getting arrested! Know that every link and site on this page is 100% safe and verified.

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In order to enjoy the services of an escort, you need to learn how to discuss their services correctly. In order to discuss anything intelligently, you need knowledge. Escorts do not sell sex! As a matter of fact, you can pretty much insure yourself a really bad experience with any escort if you ask her how much it would cost to have sex with you. So don't forget that. Escorts are not prostitutes. They are females that sell their time with men and women. Time being that they will sit and talk t Read more

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There are many free porn tube sites online, and many people have emailed me asking which ones are the safest. The problem with tube sites is they do not make any money from the surfer and people who view their websites because all the videos are free. Since their traffic is increasing they are forced to do some very harmful and illegal activities in order to make money to stay in business. A lot of the big free porno tube sites are now installing spyware and other trojans on your computers. There are advertising companies that pay the tube sites to infect your computer with these malicious viruses that the company then uses to steal your personal information including credit card number, social security, your email address and passwords. The only way to avoid this is to visit trusted adult sites.
We Have Tested & Verified That EasyPPV.com is Safe!
They charge a small fee per video, but you will never have to worry about your personal information or computer being compromised. They have thousands of videos and you never have to pay any membership fees, rebills, or get any recurring charges. Visit their site at: http://www.EasyPPV.com and then click on any of the videos to see more right now. Remember if you are not paying to watch a video online, the porno tubes are making money from you one way or another! Have peace of mind knowing that the site you are visiting is legit and verified by HelpTalk.net! Click here to visit the only trusted & verified Pay Per View site on the net that is 100% verified safe from HelpTalk.net
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